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Tips to Crack NATA in 1 Month

  Updated on : 14/03/2017

 by : Admin

Do you want to crack the NATA exam in just one month? Then you need to follow some of the best tips. You have to lay down one of the best strategy to crack NATA 2017. For many entrance examination is a context of fear and a stream fear and tension runs through the spinal cord as soon as the discussion about the entrance exam is raised or the entrance exam knocks the door. If the exam is NATA 2017 then it is more rigorous. NATA Exam PreparationTips asks some of the few things to concentrate since it is one of the toughest exams to crack if you intend to study architecture.1.       Well when you lay down the strategy to crack NATA 2017, you first consider that you draw well. This makes you think that you have won half the battle. Good sketching is essential, the question that you find on the paper are effects of light & shadow, sense of perspective drawing, understanding scale & proportions, memory drawing, composing three-dimensional elements – so you need to develop skills and drawing abilities as per the syllabus.2.       Strategy to crack NATA 2017 also lies in your creativity. You cannot define creativity, so you cannot summarize creativity in a few lines. It is more about breaking away from the stereotype, routine, accepted set of thoughts, and possession of a deeper insight. If you possess creativity, it becomes easier to crack the NATA exam.3.       NATA ExamPreparation Tips demands revision of the previous year’s question papers. You need to solve 10 - 20 past papers within the time limit. This strategy to crack NATA 2017 will help to gain better accuracy and fond out a comfortable sequence to answer the question papers.4.       You should not practice the drawing and design in A3 size sketchbooks. Rather you must practice in A4 size as that is normally the standard size of answer sheets in the examinations.5.       NATA Exam Preparation Tips can work out and can help you to get ready in one month if you stay more aware of the construction work happening around you. You need to increase the observation power, try to find out the famous architects and their works, and the ways to carry out construction in the field of architecture. Bonus Tip – As NATA exam help to crack the architecture entrance so make sure that you practice more with dry mediums (colours), as they are convenient to use and takes less time.demo

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