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Best Books to Prepare for KIITEE 2017

  Updated on : 23/03/2017

 by : Admin

As you have opted for KIITEE 2017, exam this year so it is important to know the ways to crack the same. However, simply reading some of the few reference books in your courses is not going to help you a lot. What you need is the complete preparation material to crack KIITEE 2017. This is the only way out if you want to score 90+ marks in the exam.For this, you need to browse the name of the reference books for KIITEE exam that will guide you throughout the exam and will help you build a better career. Therefore, we thought to put more stress on the reference books and study materials that you need to read side by side just to make sure that you have cracked the KIITEE exam without any loopholes. You can find the reference books for KIITEE exam on online bookstores like Amazon and Flipkart. However, you need to be very choosy while selecting book and preparation material to crack KIITEE 2017.Remember, a good book for KIITEE will give you the extra clarity and will help you to know the numerical and theoretical concepts in a better way. If you have, a good collection of the questions that are useful for the JCECE examination it will help you to crack the exam in a better. Moreover, the question of the previous years are even repeated so having access to such kind of preparation material to crack KIITEE 2017, is going to be a boon in return. Besides books, you will also be able to refer to study material of various coaching institutes, which the instructors often provide.In this article, we will help you to recognize the best reference books for KIITEE exam. It is the ultimate list has the name along with their publication house and even will mention the purpose of the books to clarify all air of doubts if you may have.Here comes the name of the books that might help you get a good guidance –Physics Reference Books for KIITEE exam·         Concept of Physics Volume 1 by H. C. Verma·         Concept of Physics Volume 2 by H. C. Verma·         Problem in General Physics by I.E. IrodovMathematics Reference Books for KIITEE exam·         Complete Mathematics by Mcgraw Hills Education·         Comprehensive Mathematics by Mcgraw Hills EducationChemistry Reference Books for KIITEE exam·         Organic Chemistry by Morrision & Boyd·         Concise Inorganic Chemistry J. D. LeeYou will get hold of this exam easily if you refer to these books.  demo

5 Things You Should Keep in Mind during JEE Advanced Preparation

  Updated on : 17/03/2017

 by : Admin

You have cleared your JEE Main 2017 or going to clear the same, but now you need to prepare for JEE Advanced exam. In this case, you need to see the trends that all aspirants have been following since a long time and see what is the strategy to crack JEE advanced exam. JEE advanced is not a regular entrance exam, it is one of the toughest exams to have an agile mind to apply tricks in order to form a particular strategy in solving the whole paper in just three hours.In order to crack the JEE advanced exam, you need to quickly follow and on the following JEE preparation tips and crack the 2017 exam –You need to have an attentive mind and focus on your concentrationA candidate needs to well focus and be attentive when he or she is preparing for JEE advanced exam. It is important to understand that this JEE preparation tips will repeatedly clear all your doubts and clarify them.Prepare yourself as per the exam timeAs one of the best strategies to crack JEE advanced exam, you need to practice the exam thoroughly in a pattern that you complete the entire paper in the desired hours. You should be able to distinguish between the easy questions and the ones that take time and solve them accordingly so that you do not end up wasting your time.  You must set attainable targetsThe candidates must not make any type of unrealistic mistakes that will be a complete disappointment when not attained could become demoralizing. It is important to set daily agendas and reasonable goals as a part of the strategy to crack JEE advanced exam.Solve previous year’s question papersIt is important to know how to solve a questionnaire and what topics it must cover to clear all your doubts. This enables you to get a brighter picture in front of the individual and let them know how to perform and have the approximate idea. In order to help a candidate gain more confidence, the JEE preparation tips must also consider the previous year’s tests paper that you need to practice regularly.You must undergo thorough revision From day one of your educational journey, we have laid down the JEE preparation tips to revise particularly those topics that need immediate & regular revision to avoid slightest of confusion understanding it.demo

Tips to Crack NATA in 1 Month

  Updated on : 14/03/2017

 by : Admin

Do you want to crack the NATA exam in just one month? Then you need to follow some of the best tips. You have to lay down one of the best strategy to crack NATA 2017. For many entrance examination is a context of fear and a stream fear and tension runs through the spinal cord as soon as the discussion about the entrance exam is raised or the entrance exam knocks the door. If the exam is NATA 2017 then it is more rigorous. NATA Exam PreparationTips asks some of the few things to concentrate since it is one of the toughest exams to crack if you intend to study architecture.1.       Well when you lay down the strategy to crack NATA 2017, you first consider that you draw well. This makes you think that you have won half the battle. Good sketching is essential, the question that you find on the paper are effects of light & shadow, sense of perspective drawing, understanding scale & proportions, memory drawing, composing three-dimensional elements – so you need to develop skills and drawing abilities as per the syllabus.2.       Strategy to crack NATA 2017 also lies in your creativity. You cannot define creativity, so you cannot summarize creativity in a few lines. It is more about breaking away from the stereotype, routine, accepted set of thoughts, and possession of a deeper insight. If you possess creativity, it becomes easier to crack the NATA exam.3.       NATA ExamPreparation Tips demands revision of the previous year’s question papers. You need to solve 10 - 20 past papers within the time limit. This strategy to crack NATA 2017 will help to gain better accuracy and fond out a comfortable sequence to answer the question papers.4.       You should not practice the drawing and design in A3 size sketchbooks. Rather you must practice in A4 size as that is normally the standard size of answer sheets in the examinations.5.       NATA Exam Preparation Tips can work out and can help you to get ready in one month if you stay more aware of the construction work happening around you. You need to increase the observation power, try to find out the famous architects and their works, and the ways to carry out construction in the field of architecture. Bonus Tip – As NATA exam help to crack the architecture entrance so make sure that you practice more with dry mediums (colours), as they are convenient to use and takes less time.demo

UPSEE 2017 Top 10 Exam Preparation tips

  Updated on : 10/03/2017

 by : Admin

UPSEE exam is one of the State Level Entrance exams, which is popular among the students of the Uttar Pradesh. Around a large number of students, appear for the UPTU/AKTU exam. This is one of the exams organized to provide admissions in UG and PG courses offered by colleges of Uttar Pradesh. Therefore, we thought to lay down some of the best UPSEE exam preparation tricks to help you crack the exam easily.In this article, we thought to take a walk along the worthiest tips and strategy to crack UPSEE exam 2017. So are you ready to hit some of the best UPSEE Exam Preparation Tips in 2017. Then read on –1.       You should do a proper analysis of the UPSEE exam – before you start UPSEE Exam preparation, identify what is exactly asked in the examination, what you need to focus, and what is the exact pattern.2.       You need to focus on the basics – You need to have extremely strong basics, so you need to make it clear and, so that you do not face any type of problem while answering the questions.3.       You have to properly plan your preparation – Do not start your plan and study in a chaotic manner, for UPSEE exam preparation you need to consider the time left and the topics to cover. So chalk out the time available for each topic and then do a planned study.4.       Regular practice make things fall into places – As soon as you are done with the theory portion of the syllabus, you need to practice a number of questions. The more you practice, better it is. It helps to improve the speed, as it is the best strategy to crack UPSEE exam.5.       Improve your analytical skill – Just cramming the concept will not be helpful, it is important to relate the theoretical concept concepts to real life experiences as it aids in improving the analytical skills.6.       Take revision notes – Popular UPSEE exam preparation tips is to do regular revision7.       Take up mock tests – You need to attempt for at least one to two mock tests on a daily basis.8.       Improve the speed and accuracy – Try to finish up the exam within the time limit during your online mock tests this will improve the speed and accuracy.9.       Learn time management – One of the best strategy to crack UPSEE exam in order to win the race10.   It is important to consider recreation – You do not need to limit within the four walls during the UPSEE exam preparation, rather take up morning walks, take frequent breaks, and catch up with friends, family and relatives. demo

Best Books for BITS Admission Test (BITSAT) Preparation

  Updated on : 10/03/2017

 by : Admin

BITS Pilani is one of the common entrance examinations for securing admission to Birla Institute of Technology. However, as the questions and exam pattern differ, so do the BITSAT preparation. Moreover, to prepare for the examination you need to select the right kind of books. The aspiring students need to choose the right material to follow so that they can evaluate and come out the best among all candidates.The obvious reasons for looking and finding books related to BITS Admission Test have never been a piece of cake. Regardless of the number of competitive exams you take up searching for the best books for BITSAT preparation can be tough just like other entrance examination.As only sometimes we are still having in hand for BITSAT 2017, we must select the best books with a clear precision and narrow our research process to crack the exam easily.BITSAT exam pattern is as same as JEE main so you can follow some of the common entrance exam books similar to JEE. These are the references and the previous year’s sample and study material that can help you to move ahead for BITSAT preparation.·         Comprehensive Guide to BITSAT Online Test with Past 2005-2015 Solved Papers & 5 Mock Online Tests Paperback by Disha Experts (Author)English & Logical Reasoning for BITSAT with 10 Mock Tests (5 in Book and 5 Online Tests)·         Self-Study Guide for Online BITSAT 2017 Paperback by Arihant Experts·         Comprehensive Guide to BITSAT Online Test with Past 2005-2015 Solved Papers & 5 Mock Online Tests·         10 Practice Papers BITSAT Paperback  by GKP·         Handbook of Physics, Chemistry & MathematicsNow we will share the name of the books as per the subject.For Physics, students can study the following books such as – ·         NCERT Physics Part 1 and Part 2 Textbook for Class XII·         Concepts of Physics by H. C Verma Vol 1 and Vol 2·         Understanding Physics Series by D. C PandeyFor Chemistry, students can refer the following books such as – ·         NCERT Chemistry Part I and II Class 12th·         Physical Chemistry by P. Bahadur·         Inorganic Chemistry by O. P. Tandon·         Organic Chemistry by Arihant (Theory & Practice)For Maths, students can refer the following books such as – ·         NCERT Maths Part 1 and 2 Class 12·         Objective Mathematics by R. D. Sharma Refer to these books mentioned above and crack the BITS admission test easily. demo

AEEE 2017: Check out the important dates and details

  Updated on : 09/03/2017

 by : Admin

Good News! Amrita Engineering Entrance Exam also Know as AEEE Exam 2017, has been announced by Amrita University for the year 2017. While the application form will start from December 1, 2016, you can fill up forms up to 31st March 2017. Both computer based and Pen & Paper mode will be conducted for the exam.  there will be various tests for B. Tech courses across all exam centers. However, you must know that Pen & Paper mode will be there only in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. Exam will start from April 20th and will continue up to 23rd 2017.Let's look into the event details before you get ready to fill AEEE 2017 Online Applications:·         AEEE 2017 announced notification on – 20th October, 2016·         Application Forms available from – December 1st 2016·         Last date of Submission for Application Form – March 31st 2016·         Online computer Based Exam from – April 20th to 23rd, 2017·         Pen & Paper Based Exam from – April 29th, 2017·         Exam Ranks to be declared on -  May 5th, 2017·         Counselling Date – June 2nd week, 2017  The AEEE online applications fee is set to be 1000/- for everyone and candidates can fill any of the offline or online mode they wish to. You can get forms at Dhanlaxmi Bank, Federal bank and some selected Post offices. Purchase the form and fill in with Black/Blue Pen/Pencil. demo

How do I plan my career after taking the TANCET exam?

  Updated on : 07/03/2017

 by : Admin

After the TANCET exam 2017, what you should choose as your career? As soon as the marks were announced, all students would be in confusion and worries. To build a career after crack TANCET 2017, you need to choose a great college and good course.  You need to stop worrying that you have scored good or bad marks in TANCET exam 2017 then your friends and relatives. Because the main thing that you need to worry right after the TANCET exam 2017 is to choose the best career option – are you ready for it?In this blog, we will explain to you how to choose a career after crack TANCET 2017. ·         You need to decide between part-time or full-time job Many of them ask the question whether to choose the career after crack TANCET 2017, whether we should part-time job or full-time jobs. This is important to decide as there are many who likes to continue further studies or post graduates besides their career. Therefore, if you have plans it is better to have a part-time job rather than choosing a full-time job.·         Check for the job opportunities availableWhen you are trying to different type of courses available, you need to determine, which more refined course to adopt is. Like M.E is, more refined & focused course than B.E. So if you plan to change the career after crack TANCET 2017 then leave the choice and option of doing M.E. Since B.E is, better than M.E in this case. Even there are places where M.E graduates just get a salary that is equivalent to B.E graduates, especially in the software companies. You will be considered only as an Under Graduate. If you are willing, then you can consider wisely about doing M.E.·         Keep a tab on the placement opportunities in the campusMany of the students after TANCET exam 2017 opt for full placements to PG graduates. However, to all your disappointments you will find the answer is no. However, the scenario is that only a few candidates get placed in core companies. However, if an on-campus does not work for you it is better to keep on trying for the off-campus exams. This will help you to choose the best plan to build a better career after crack TANCET 2017. Walk on this plan will help you to have a win-win situation.demo

GATE 2017-Smart techniques to help you get a major score

  Updated on : 03/03/2017

 by : Admin

GATE 2017 is soon going to take place and as the days are passing, we are witnessing that the exam is getting tougher. Since the level of competition is high these days for the increased number of students and aspirants to pursue higher studies in engineering, so to crack GATE exam 2017 you need to have a proper strategy and plan ready. In this article, we will discuss the ways that you can use to score more during GATE 2017.1.       Try to grab all the information on GATE 2017 examYou must know the GATE 2017 is an online examination of three hours. It will be having 65 questions, out of which 35 questions are of 2 Marks and 30 questions are of 1 Mark. In the question paper, you will find two major type of question – multiple choice questions and numerical types.2.       Never start preparing for GATE exam 2017 in rushIf you are appearing for GATE 2017 starting with theoretical as well as numerical is going to make you more confused. Start with basics and then go as high as possible. In the beginning when you are preparing for GATE 2017, make sure you have started with definitions, units, and dimension. Then move to theoretical portions and in the last attempt for the numerical portions in your syllabus.3.       Take up mock testsBefore you appear for GATE 2017 make sure that you have taken up as much as mock tests you can. If you take up an exam in a setting just exact to the exam environment then you are sure to make some silly mistakes, which will lead you to less mark. If you recorrect these mistakes by taking up mock tests, then during the main exams you will be scoring less negative marks.4.       You must evaluate yourselfStudying for GATE exam 207 does not mean that you will run like a horse. It is important that you study for 6 days thoroughly and then keep one day for revision. Yes, at least in a month you will get 3 to 4 days for revision of the chapters that you have covered. Say if you have 6 months before GATE 2017 then you must prepare yourself for 5 months and keep month just for revision that should be a foolproof plan to score more in GATE exam 2017.Try these tips today and score more.  demo

Exam Strategies How do I clear SET Exam 2017?

  Updated on : 02/03/2017

 by : Admin

In this article we are going to help the readers with some easy tips on National Eligibility Test (NET) and this will help them to have a secured career. We know that exam time is the most stressful one and you need to stay motivated at every step. We all know that National Eligibility Test (NET) is one of the difficult exams that happen in India. The paper is designed in such a way that it helps the organizations to filter the brilliant students who can later pursue their career as a lecturer or a research programmer.NET and SET exam 2017 are one of the toughest with a slight difference, the former occurs at a state level whereas the later one if as national level examination. However, the tips to crack both the exam are all the same. In this article, we are going to discuss the tips that one needs to keep in mind while preparing for the NET or SET exam 2017.It is important to note down the syllabusIt is important to know the syllabus of National Eligibility Test (NET) from beforehand. Make sure that you do not feel screwed up with the topics that belong out of the syllabus. Start with a topic that you can cover up faster. Mark the topics that you have finished up and proceed to the next one.It is important to refer good books while studyingWhen you prepare yourself for the National Eligibility Test (NET) it is important that you pick up UGC certified books that will help to clear the basic concepts and the logics and covers up the whole syllabus.Start taking notes When you are preparing for NET or SET exam 2017, then it is important to make sure to prepare short notes for giving the best revision and give away the best way to practice your syllabus. You must underline and highlights the headings, important definition and formulas to help you take better notes during NET or SET exam 2017.It is important to learn the time management skillsYou have to keep your dedicated study hours of six to eight and make sure that you have segregated the topics in this few hours and finish them up by that time, may be by one topic each day. These tips will help you to have a better National Eligibility Test (NET) or SET exam this year.demo

Engineering exams that get you into top engineering colleges

  Updated on : 01/03/2017

 by : Admin

When you are about to take up an engineering exam simply just to take admission to the most assorted and top engineering  college, then you need to keep a tab on the type of entrance exams that happens. In India, more than 40 state and national engineering exams occur throughout the year. However, all exams do not have undue importance and not every exam can help you to crack an entry to the top engineering college.Therefore, we thought to refine your search and let you help you to understand which state and national level engineering exam gets you through the top engineering colleges in India.JEE MainThis is the first phase of the Joint Entrance Exam that allows you to get an entry to prestigious IITs and NITs. Prior to this engineering exam was popular by the name of AIEEE.JEE AdvancedAround 1.5 lakh candidates screened through the JEE Main can sit for this examination to fight for those 10,000 seats in the IITs. The score of the test and the final admission to the top engineering college is mostly depended on the candidate’s performance in board exams as well.BITSATThis is the entry exam to the campuses of Birla Institute of Technology located in Pilani, Goa and Hyderabad. Out of them BITS PIlani is one of the most high ranked colleges in India and ranks next to IIT.DTUIf you are able to secure more than 60 percent in Physics, Chemistry and Math in board exams then you can surely take a chance of admission to Delhi technological University.VITEEVellore Institute of Technology Entrance Examination is considered to be though like the nuts and it is only gateway to VIT, which is one of the top private engineering colleges in India. WBJEEThis engineering exam takes place in the state of West Bengal and this allows the students to get admission to a number of top engineering colleges in West Bengal. This is one of the most commonly taken exams. More than two lakh candidates sit for this exam yearly.MHCET The state of Maharashtra conducts this exam and it is held in two phases and in two different times of the year.KCETKarnataka Common Entrance test helps you to seek admission to the top engineering colleges in Karnataka.KIITEE Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology located is Orissa asks students to take up this engineering exam to seek admission to this prestigious university. This exam occurs online.demo

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