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Take a glimpse on most scoring topics in JKCET 2017

  Updated on : 25/05/2017

 by : Admin

JKCET is a acronyms of Jammu and Kashmir Common Entrance Test. Jammu and Kashmir Common Entrance Test. Every year JKCET entrance exam conducted by J&K Board of Professional Entrance Examinations for admission to Bachelor of Engineering courses in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. JKCET is one of the few competitive exams where each and every topic has been assigned weight-age. While preparing for JKCET you should focus on topics having higher weight-age. For example for JKCET, Kinematics is more important than Rotational Mechanics. You should also focus on important chapters of Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology.Here we have mentions, the most scoring topics along with preparation tips to score higher in JKCET 20171. Focus more on important Chapters:In JKCET entrance exam, different type of questions to be asked, you should be on focus on all major chapters which is important for JKCET. Also check previous years question patterns and accordingly select the chapters.2. Previous test papers will give you a strong clue To the extent the paper design goes, there is no huge changes each year. By settling test papers of prior years, you can get an unmistakable thought regarding the example to anticipate. Additionally, it is important to know how to distinguish changing patterns in the past and get ready in like manner. 3. Practice Online or Prepare through Online MOCK test:Many web portal or website compiled large numbers of related questions which is useful for JKCET entrance exam. Just login in those sites and solved question of difficulty levels. Those mock test helps you to give the same It will give you a clear picture about the topics you’re weak in and help you overcome panic.4. Make a Revision planRevision is an important part of any preparation, TagMyCollege advised to the JKCET aspirants to allocate some time daily for revision. We would recommend understudies to hold 2 hours every day for amendment. The more you update the more you are firm in the hypothesis and ideas. The most ideal approach to amend Physics, Maths and Physical Chemistry for JKCET is to understand numerical questions.5. Prepare according to your strength and weaknessAs stats shows many aspirants like some chapters and leave others. Leaving a chapter is not recommended Especially for exams like JKCET where level of question asked is not extremely difficult.  As per TagMyCollege recommendation the section you find difficulties to make a note of essential theory from NCERT and solve the basics numericals. You should be able to solve simple data based questions from all the chapters, whether you are strong at it or weak at it.And in last focus on TIME MANAGEMENT AND SELF DISCIPLINEThe modern era is based on Whatapp, facebook and twitter, 4G maintaining self discipline is getting tougher. Still in order to crack JKCET entrance exam or other competitive exams you have to deal with your time and concentrate on studies. Complete abstains is not practical approach but it can be limited to one hours a week or so. Make a timetable and stick to it. All the best, for your exam!demo

Essential tips to crack JCECE Exam 2017

  Updated on : 11/05/2017

 by : Admin

Now in JCECE wrong answers get negative marks. For each wrong answer you will get - 0.25 marks so while endeavoring the question paper you ought to be watchful about negative checking. Simple speculating can be deadly for your choice. Endeavor just those questions you are certain about and don't touch questions you have no clue.Most importantly gather all the data about the formally recommended syllabus. Arrange your arrangements according to the syllabus. Bear in mind to cover all the syllabus in your plan. Separate the syllabus in units and get ready as indicated by that.Make a timetable that is proper on day-to-day basis. Give more hours to the most demanding subjects. Candidates do not forget to give some break time between the trainings.Now in JCECE wrong answers get negative marks. For each wrong answer you will get - 0.25 marks so while endeavoring the question paper you ought to be watchful about negative checking. Simple speculating can be deadly for your choice. Endeavor just those questions you are certain about and don't touch questions you have no clue.While preparing for examinations, note those subjects where you feel trouble down. Discuss about on those issues with buddies and family as well as classmates also take assistance from your own teachers to fix your queries.Mock test is the most crucial part of JCECE preparations. You have to solve assortment of mock papers and questions before trying for the specific assessment. Mock test should be solved by you in time that is stipulated. Analysis of test is very important to self-improvement. Through analysis you'll come to know your strengths and weaknesses.Don't make an effort to understand new chapters or issues through the peak of the test.As the exam date approaches, attempt to enhance your score and work on weaker regions.Best Books for JCECE Preparation         Questions asked in JCECE are considerably less demanding and direct from theory contrasted with other national level exams like JEE Main, JEE Advanced or AIPMT and AIIMS. That means you           will need distinct group of books for JCECE Preparation.       Chemistry Books for JCECE PreparationNCERT Physics for class 11th and 12thPradeep Objective Chemistry       Physics Books for JCECE PreparationNCERT Physics for class 11th and 12thUnderstanding Physics Series by D.C.PandeyModules of Aakash Institute       Maths Books for JCECE PreparationNCERT Physics for class 11th and 12thObjective Mathematics by R.D.Sharma        Biology Books for JCECE PreparationNCERT Physics for class 11th and 12thTrueman’s Biology for class 11th and 12thdemo

Is BITSAT entrance difficulty level same as that of JEE Main exam?

  Updated on : 08/05/2017

 by : Admin

IITs have earned themselves a tremendous standing on the other side of the world in technical education owing to its credit to a lot of illustrious accomplishments in the past. Millions of engineering applicants toil through nights and days to decode IIT JEE in hope of making it to the hallowed engineering institutions of India. But following the report of Times of India made the headlines, the claims of superiority of IITs were set to rest. In accordance with the TOI report, BITSAT is more aggressive examination than JEE Main. In BITSAT, pupils have to resolve 150 concerns in 180 minutes. In JEE Main, pupils have to solve 90 issues in 180 minutes. JEE Main questions need greater conceptual clarity. BITSAT questions are direct. Candidates with great English stand an increased possibility of deciphering BITSAT. ·         On-Line platform: BITSAT is only an online Test. The number of candidates giving JEE Main off-line is still quite important. Thus for the BITSAT, since many individuals don't practice on-line test, anyone with an adequate custom of giving tests that are on-line develops a cutting edge really easily. ·         Degree of questions: Since, the number of questions in BITSAT are more than JEE Main as well as the time supplied is less, it's quite clear that the degree of difficulty of issues is less as compared with JEE Main, therefore the report of BITSAT is really simpler and one should solve rapidly and economically in less time. ·         Allowance for silly Mistakes: The distribution of marks is more extensive Because the number of candidates fighting for BITSAT is relatively less than number of candidates for JEE Main as well as the maximum a student may score in BITSAT is more. Thus, it's evident that in BITSAT you have a somewhat bigger margin to do some silly mistakes. ·         Level of Competition: whenever you sit for JEE Main, you compete with the toppers of the country whose prime objective to get into the IIT. Now the BITSAT is incredibly close to the JEE Advanced dates and held following the JEE Main. Here, the competition is reduced to a significant amount of a, like many candidates don't prepare well for BITSAT, which reduces the competition and already become quite confident about their JEE. The toppers would even be totally focusing on the JEE Advanced test.·         English & Aptitude Weightage: significant weightage is given by The BITSAT to language and your reasonable abilities. The questions asked need common comprehension in daily life and are quite essential. Scoring a full house here's simple plus it acts just as a bonus section for all. Therefore, while perhaps not for all, this section may give a particular section of candidates an incredibly large advantages. Conclusion: Difficulty level of BITSAT is somewhat simpler than the JEE Main exam yet it enables less time to understudies to tackle each question. Subsequently, applicants ought to concentrate on their speed at this moment. For the individuals who plan for both the engineering entrance tests, additional concentration is required for the English Proficiency and Logical Reasoning areas for BITSAT.demo

MHT CET 2017: Avoid These Silly Mistakes in the Exam

  Updated on : 29/04/2017

 by : Admin

MHCET - Maharashtra Technology Common Entrance Test is a state level entrance test. It is one of the most competitive exams for engineering graduates. More than 4 lakh students from Maharashtra state appeared for MHT-CET engineering entrance exam 2017. MHTCET Admit is issued online from 24 April to May 11, 2017. This test is scheduled on May 11, 2017Maharashtra state engineering college would concede understudies to their undergrad engineering projects on the premise of MH-CET/MHT CET till 2013, be that as it may, DTE Maharashtra rejected MHT CET and admissions into B.Tech/B.E. programs over the state engineering universities were offered through JEE Main in the scholarly year 2014 and 2015.Mistakes to be avoided on MHT CET 2017 Exam Day·         In MHT CET exam, the question paper is distributed at least 10-15 minutes before the exam start. But student tries to solve the question quickly that they tend to make mistakes. This is one of the reasons why a student fails to get his/her expected and good score. Understudies ought to exploit this time. Initially, they ought to peruse the MHT CET question paper altogether to comprehend the pattern and questions.·         After reading the whole question paper student should divide the questions into three different categories – easy, medium and tough. According to Experts, Student always attempts easy questions first and the difficult question should be attended in the end.  Tackling simple question first may support their confidence; though endeavoring intense ones may likewise diminish your confidence.·         Lack of time management is one of the reasons for students fails to achieve any goal/target. Applicants neglect to assign the ideal opportunity for each question in the exam paper. This by and large outcomes in their failure. Assign time for each question depending on three factors:Ø  Weightage to the questionØ  Type of questionØ  Whether it need graphics or diagrams ·         It is vital to keep your mind cool and quiet while endeavoring the test paper. ·         During the exams, it is observed that students mark a question to be answered later but in end, they forget to attempt it. They are advised to highlight the question they left for the end. This will mark as a reminder to them.·         Sometime students just read the questions and start to solving quickly. Read the question carefully, because it will help you prevent from unfavorable situations like: Ø  Remembering you missed something that was critical and ought to have been incorporated into the begin Ø  Mixing one answer with another Ø  Acknowledging in the middle of that you comprehended the question mistakenly  demo

Concept, Strategy for SET 2017

  Updated on : 26/04/2017

 by : Admin

So you are going to appear for the Symbiosis entrance exam and you do not know what to do. Then you need to know what are the easy tips to crack the SET exam 2017. You need to take alarming step when you are taking up an entrance examination and in particular Symbiosis Entrance which is quite important to scan. Here are the tips to get high score in SET 2017 which will help to understand the exam in a better manner. For SET exam preparation you need to follow -1.       Prepare and practice hard for the exams and get to know how things work out. You need to take up some of the subjects that will require more attention and concentration that will make things fall in places easily. It is important to practice more everyday so that you do not miss out anything or avoid any kind of silly mistakes that come on the path.2.       The tips to get high score in SET 2017 is better to take up mock tests that many institutes run or you can even take up some of the online mock exams as well. 3.       For SET exam preparation you need to be taking out time and segregating the time for each subject and concentrate and work on those. 4.       In order to score more and to have the latest SET exam preparation you need to understand and analyze the pages and see what works best for you. Then you will find that you need to take up the easy subject and refine your syllabus.5.       You need to bust your stress level and to do that you need to make sure that you have enough food and sleep before the exam. In another instance you need to understand that full dedication is required when you are about to prepare for the exam. 6.       When you are preparing for the exam make sure that you know the exam pattern and the question patterns as well for respective subjects. The more you are aware, the easy it becomes to crack the SET exam 2017. These are the most easy and best tips to get high score in SET 2017. If you are aiming for a good score then you need to prepare for it and see if you can get things fall in places. Symbiosis Entrance test is a little tough so you need to prepare yourself in a special order to crack the exam.demo

Seven things to keep in mind while taking JEE Advanced 2017

  Updated on : 18/04/2017

 by : Admin

Well, the preparation for JEE advanced 2017 has begun, all have got down to prepare for the exam and it is the most crucial period to miss out on anything. So if you are preparing for the exam then you need to remember a lot of things. There are certain things that you need to keep a tab when you are taking up the exam.In this article we have laid down the general JEE Advanced 2017 Tips that helps to crack the exam in a better way. Well, we have enlisted seven probable things that you need to follow when you take up the preparation for JEE advanced 2017 -1.    When you receive the question paper, you need to start solving with the subject with which you are most comfortable. Make sure that you are able to identify the order in which you can take the best advantage of and can solve the paper quickly. Note that it is good to take up physics in the last as you can complete the syllabus of Math and Chemistry earlier. 2.    It is not just the subjects one of the best JEE Advanced 2017 Tips is to identify the chapters that you can solve faster than the others. Identify the easy question and solve them first. So typically you will be dividing 2-3 rounds of question solving based on the difficulty levels. This will surely be a useful thing to do in terms of the optimum use of time during the preparation for JEE advanced 2017.3.    If you find yourself stuck in a question, you must not waste your valuable time trying to solve it, and you will find that panicking is not a good thing to do. After finishing the other you can come up with doable questions and easy complete the syllabus.4.    It is important to avoid the heavy calculation errors and that too in physics and chemistry. So you need to practice a lot before you appear for these exams. 5.    Put the pen on the paper while you calculate the exam. You must not choose mental calculation when you are at the end of the paper or about to finish the exam.6.    You must not leave any question unanswered in case there is no negative marking for it. 7.    You must never forget to recheck the answers and must not mark the wrong option or do any type of silly mistakes.demo

How to Prepare for JEE Advanced 2017

  Updated on : 14/04/2017

 by : Admin

JEE advanced is one of the national level entrance exam which helps to secure the seats at the reputed colleges to pursue engineering undergraduate degrees. It is the single entrance test that is by the 23 of the well renowned Indian Institute of Technology (IITs). It is one of the challenging examinations that students sit for. This article will take a look at how to prepare for the JEE Advanced in two weeks. Tips to prepare for the JEE Advanced in two weeks:·         First of all, you will need to be completely focused. The upcoming JEE exam should be the main aim in your life, which will help you to focus for the upcoming JEE Advanced exam. ·         The next step to prepare effectively for the JEE advanced program is to take mini mock tests to check your preparation level. If you have got problems with managing time, this step will help you to overcome the problem effectively. It will also help you to know where you are making mistakes in the paper. There are various sample papers you can solve which will help you to gain the confidence required to solve the actual paper within 3 hours. Always make sure to solve the past years IIT JEE exam papers and check the areas that you are weak in. This way you can easily strengthen your weak areas. ·         Always aim to give your best shot, instead of becoming a topper. This is because, you will get stressed out when you are preparing for the JEE Advanced exam. You should stay away from stress as it will mess up the preparation for the exam and you will lose your confidence due to anxiety, which will prevent you from giving your best in the exam. ·         No matter what, do not get demotivated. This will lead to confidence issue and as mentioned earlier, you will get anxiety issues, which will lower your performance during the exam. Always try to stay positive and motivated during your preparation period. ·         Dedicate more time for preparation in the last two week. Although you should be preparing before a year or two, some people gets a boost in confidence from the last minute revision as well.   ·         Keep on practicing! As they say practice makes a man perfect! Every candidate has got a weak area and they key is to overcome the anxiety and the weakness. Enjoy your preparation period to give your very best in the JEE Advanced exam. demo

How Books & Previous Year’s Question Papers Help for JCECE Exam

  Updated on : 12/04/2017

 by : Admin

You have opted for JCECE exam this year and you need to crack it. However, simply reading some of the few books in your courses is not going to help. What you need is the complete preparation material to crack JCECE 2017. For this, you need to browse the name of the reference books for JCECE exam that will guide you in the right path. Therefore, we thought to put more stress on the books that you need to read side by side just to make sure that you have cracked the exam in the best way. You can find the reference books for JCECE exam on online stores like Amazon and Flipkart. However, you need to be very selective while choosing book and preparation material to crack JCECE 2017.Since a good book for JCECE will give you the added clarity and will help you to know the concepts in a better way. If you have, a good collection of the questions that are useful for the JCECE examination will help you to crack the exam in a better. Besides books, you will also be able to refer to study material of coaching institutes.Here in this article we have collected the name of few reference books for JCECE exam as per subjects that will help you to crack the exam in a better way –Physics Reference Books for JCECE exam·         NCERT Physics for Class 11th and 12th (This is for practicing theory)·         Concepts of Physics by H. C. Verma Vol. 1 and 2 (This is for practicing theory and numerical)·         Understanding Physics series by D. C. Pandey (This is for practicing numerical)Chemistry Reference Books for JCECE exam·         NCERT Chemistry for Class 11th and 12th (One of the best reference books of JCECE exam)·         Physical Chemistry by P. Bahadur (This is for practicing numerical)·         In-Organic Chemistry by O. P. Tandon (This is for practicing theory and numerical)·         Organic Chemistry by Morrison and Boyd (This is for practicing theory and mechanism)Biology Preparation Material to Crack JCECE 2017·         NCERT Biology for Class 11th and 12th·         Truman’s Biology for Class 11th and 12th ·         Pradeep’s Objective BiologyMathematics Reference Books for JCECE exam·         NCERT Mathematics for Class 11th and 12th (This is for practicing numerical)·         Objective Mathematics by R.D. Sharma (This is for practicing numerical)Practice Books for JCECE Exam·         JCECE – Medical : 13 Years(2002-2014) Solved Paper with Mock Test by Arihant Publication·         JCECE – Engineering : 13 Years(2002-2014) Solved Paper with Mock Test by Arihant Publication Hope this preparation materials to crack JCECE exam can serve as your ultimate and reliable guidance to steer a better career.demo

Can I get a good rank in VITEEE by preparing only my board’s syllabus?

  Updated on : 12/04/2017

 by : Admin

So you want to be a part of the most prestigious institutions in India, VIT. However, before you apply for a course at VIT you need to crack VITEEE. This engineering entrance exam makes you eligible for any course in VIT. This is one of the national level exams just like BITSAT, JEE Advanced, and JEE Mains. Students have to face a tough competition in order to crack this exam.What makes the students more confused about the VITEEE exam is what to study and from where. Which would be the most preferred syllabus that will let them crack the engineering entrance exam without any hassle? Thus, to solve such issues we thought to take up the subject and discuss some tips and tricks.The first query that the students possess are whether they should concentrate only on the board’s syllabus to crack the VITEEE exam or they should look for something else?Well, before I jump on to discuss whether the board’s syllabus is enough to make you prepared for the VITEEE exam or not, let us know what the syllabus of VITEEE is. The VITEE cover topics such as –VITEEE Syllabus for Mathematics:Matrices and Determinants, Analytical Geometry of 2 dimensions, Analytical Geometry of 3 Dimensions, Complex Numbers, Vector Algebra, Differential Calculus and Equations, Integral Calculus & its Applications, Probability Distributions and Discrete MathematicsVITEEE Syllabus for Physics:Electrostatics, Current Electricity, Effects of Electric Current, Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter, Nuclear Physics, Semiconductor Devices and their Applications, Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current, Electromagnetic Waves and Wave Optics, Atomic PhysicsVITEEE Syllabus for Chemistry:p, d, and f – Block Elements, Atomic Structure, Coordination Chemistry & Solid State Chemistry, Chemical Equilibrium & Chemical Kinetics, Thermodynamics, Electrochemistry, Organic Nitrogen Compounds, Isomerism in Organic Compounds, Biomolecules, Carbonyl Compounds, Alcohols & Ethers, Carboxylic Acids & their derivativesDon’t you think the Math, Physics and Chemistry syllabus is more or less same as we have studied in our 10+2 Boards? Well, indeed it is. The State Boards have started to change their pattern of syllabus keeping at par with the CBSE syllabus thus this makes cracking all engineering entrance exam easier. If you have your boards syllabus matching up to the level of the NCERT then you can easily get a good rank in VITEEE exam.How will you prepare?·         For math, you need to practice more as practice is the key to success. Put more focus on calculus and vector sums. Do make an important list of all the formulas.·         For chemistry, we will ask you to focus more on the organic part and do practice the reactions properly.·         In physics, try to concentrate more on the numerical, chapters like magnetism, electrostatics, and modern physics.demo

How GATE score helps in PSU Recruitment

  Updated on : 12/04/2017

 by : Admin

You might have appeared for GATE 2017 and have also got the result in your hand. The result is easy to download from the online channels nowadays. Even the candidates are open to check the Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering Results. Now after the results of GATE 2017 are out and you are aware of the GATE cut off marks, next you should attempt for a bright career.  In this case you need to know what are the career options which are open to the candidates who have qualified the GATE exam this year. Well, for those candidates the PSU recruitments are open. Yes, the people can take up government jobs. GATE cut off marks for PSU Recruitment is fair enough for each candidate to appear for the job exam and get a career in an exciting zone.So if you are up to PSU recruitment through GATE 2017 then you have to check which are the current organizations who will allow you to have a shining career with them. These includes -1.       NTPC or National Thermal Power Corporation invites the applications for the posts of Finance Executives, Safety Officers and Mines Surveyor. And the candidates with desirable PSU recruitment through GATE 2017 you will find that they are able to appear for this job.2.       Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (PGCIL) also allow the candidates with valid GATE 2017 scores in the disciplines along with the PSU recruitment through GATE 2017. Candidates can check the eligibility details by directly visiting their websites.3.       Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) also allow GATE 2017 candidates, especially the Mechanical & Chemical Engineering candidates. GATE cut off marks for PSU recruitments makes them eligible to appear for this exam.4.       You can also appear for the job exam in ONGC or Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited for the recruitment against the post of Graduate Trainees. You will find the details of the exam in their official website along with the selection procedure and how to apply.5.       You can also appear for the BHEL or Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited exam who are recruiting the people who are having desirable GATE cut off marks for PSU recruitments.  They are currently going to recruit more than 294 candidates for their team in Bangalore and to know the details of the job application you can visit their official website.These are public service jobs that are open for the GATE exam candidates to have a bright career in the future.  demo

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