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Engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh

The state Andhra Pradesh has its capital as ‘Telangana’ and is located in the Indian sub-continent. It has played a crucial role in generating huge number of elite class professionals. Myriad number of engineering colleges came into existence in 21st century and this uprising proliferated education sector in IT commendably. With IT sector booming fast in current scenario, the role of state in offering higher education to both undergraduates and graduates increased too. Various engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh have been affiliated with University and they have been typically refereed as ‘College of Engineering’ or ‘School of Engineering’. They are comprised of several departments with specialized branch of engineering. Each specialized branch has its own faculty. Engineering courses in Andhra Pradesh has made a significant contribution in the progress of the country.

Scenario of Engineering Colleges in Andhra Pradesh:

There are approximately 434 engineering colleges in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Each year, engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh offer admission to countless candidates in sub streams like-

Chemical Engineering with following sub-disciplines like-

·         Biomolecular engineering

·         Molecular Engineering

·         Corrosion Engineering

·         Process Engineering

Sub disciplines of Civil Engineering are-

·         Environmental Engineering

·         Structural Engineering

·         Geotechnical Engineering 

·         Water Resource Engineering

·         Transport Engineering

Electrical Engineering with following sub disciplines –

·         Computer Engineering

·         Electrical Engineering

·         Power Engineering

·         Optical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering with following sub disciplines

·         Acoustical Engineering

·         Manufactural  Engineering

·         Thermal Engineering

·         Sports Engineering

·         Vehicle Engineering

·         Power Plant Engineering

·         Energy Engineering

Software Engineering with sub disciplines like-

·         Computer Aided Engineering

·         Cryptographic Engineering

·         Tele-traffic Engineering

·         Web Engineering

Interdisciplinary Branches with following disciplines like

·         Aerospace Engineering

·         Applied Engineering

·         Agricultural Engineering

·         Biological Engineering

·         Biomedical Engineering

·         Energy Engineering

·         Building Services Engineering

·         Industrial Engineering

·         Railway Engineering

·         Management Engineering

·         Mechatronics Engineering

·         Nano-engineering

·         Military Engineering

·         Nuclear Engineering

·         Textile Engineering

·         Petroleum Engineering

Infrastructure of Engineering Colleges in Andhra Pradesh:

The engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh are located in thousands acres of lands. The infrastructural facilities are of estimable quality and rates best in the countrywide colleges. The atmosphere is encompassed in beautiful location and is serene. The state is located on the Bay of Bengal and connects the country via railway, bus and airplanes and assists in attracting huge crowd across the country and abroad. The colleges are equipped with world class support system that includes high KVA generators, web connection, projectors, PA systems, VCR, audio cassette recorders, duplicating machines, photographic cameras, AC unit, separate boys and girls hostels, lab and workshops, amenities like canteens, stores, banks, gyms, playground, indoor systems, central libraries, administrative offices , principal’s office, drawing halls, computer centers, language labs, higher studies bureau, staffroom and department wise libraries. Students are offered the feel of their home that assists in boosting their psychological aspects.

Credibility of Engineering Colleges in Andhra Pradesh:

The Engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh ensure eminent quality in terms of teaching staff and other aspects of education system. No matter, whether it is curriculum or maintaining trust of parents or students, the colleges’ stands at the zenith in every aspect. Whatever promise is made to the parents or students, it is provided at all cost.

 Effective teaching & extra-curricular activities

The engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh strive to make the performance of the students meritorious by paying focusing on their physical as well as mental well-being. Under the active guidance of experienced staff, the colleges make the teaching sessions interactive and try to remove any deficiency in the system. Apart from engaging the students in school sponsored playgroups, colleges involve them in community services, volunteer work, hobbies and family activities too. These activities cultivate holistic development and brush up their hidden potentials. In all, these engineering colleges develop social relationship and intellectual intelligence by introducing extracurricular activities in college.

Placement capabilities:

Engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh graduate their students in an excellent way-

·         Most of the engineering colleges have individual placement cells that offers placement to students despite of their streams.

·         Students are offered rigorous training during campus recruitment exercise so that they perform well when they qualify their engineering.

·         Placement cell officials of the colleges stay in touch with various industry verticals of the recruitment companies.

·         Renowned organizations are invited for recruitment of various positions in different departments.

·         Systematic skills of the students are captured and presented to the specific organizations.

·         Perfect coordination is maintained with necessary paper work.

·         Engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh endeavors to provide 100% placement to all the students. It’s this effort makes innumerable students join various colleges.

·         The best part of these engineering colleges is that they train their students in the best possible way so that they settle in their workplace and perform their future endeavors with perfection.

·          Since most of the organizations want to save their efforts on recruitment, they contact Engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh. 

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