List of Top B.Tech Colleges in Jaipur




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B.Tech in Chemical Engineering |  392,000

Exams List: JEE Main, GATE

Admissions: B.Tech in Chemical Engineering admission 2017

"My college is a engineering?college which is best and the best part i....."
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B.Tech (Lateral Entry) |  219,000

Exams List: REAP, JEE Main

"it is a great college, infrastructure is good, location is best as we ....."
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B.Tech in Civil Engineering |  648,000

Exams List: REAP, JEE Main, GATE

Admissions: B.Tech in Civil Engineering admission 2017

"I don't ignore it Friend is my payment after installing this and this ...."
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Arya College of Engineering & IT logo
ESTD 1999 | Private| AICTE Approved

B.Tech in Automobile Engineering |  287,500

Exams List: JEE Main

"very good college for automobile engineering and its only one college ...."
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B.Tech in Civil Engineering |  80,000

Exams List: JEE Main

"its nice to make our future bright but same time i can't understand th....."
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B.Tech (Lateral Entry) |  210,000

Exams List: REAP, JEE Main, GATE

"It's awesome. Teachers are very helpful as well as management too. Alt....."
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Vivekananda Institute of Technology logo
ESTD 2008 | Private| AICTE Approved

B.Tech in Civil Engineering |  280,000

Exams List: JEE Main

Admissions: B.Tech in Civil Engineering admission 2017

"Vit college is good institute of rajsthan.t his college is establish i....."
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Poornima Group of Colleges logo
ESTD 2000 | Private| AICTE Approved

B.Tech |  280,000

Exams List: REAP, JEE Main

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Jaipur Engineering College logo
ESTD 1999 | Private| AICTE Approved

B.Tech |  280,000

Exams List: JEE Main, GATE

"At my first college admissions meetings with students, I ask parents t....."
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B.Tech (Lateral Entry) |  217,500

Exams List: JEE Main, GATE

"The colleges rules and regulation are tight but the college is good in....."
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JECRC UDML College of Engineering logo
ESTD 2007 | Private| AICTE Approved

B.Tech (Lateral Entry)

Exams List: JEE Main

"The teachers are not good.They focus on rote learning.There is no atmo....."
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B.Tech in Automobile Engineering |  287,500

Exams List: JEE Main

"A great place to hang out and take care of such necessities as grabbin....."
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Top B.Tech Colleges in Jaipur

Jaipur is a colorful destination in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Rajasthan that is abundantly rich in traditional practices and cultural performances all throughout the year is famous for its colorful splendors. While honing tradition on one side, the state has never failed to encourage efforts on other area like education and career opportunities. Jaipur is one of the key cities in the state which is connected with all the important destinations in the world comfortably. This makes Jaipur a preferred location for the students to study B.Tech. We have provided as much information as possible to equip the aspiring students with information about studying B.Tech in Jaipur colleges.


Basic details students must know about the B.Tech colleges in Jaipur

Before taking any major decision, generally we tend to understand the overall aspects in a holistic manner. It becomes important the students understand the advantages they have in studying B.Tech in Jaipur colleges. Keeping this in mind, we provide some important details about Jaipur B.Tech colleges which, we feel will help the students to take a prudent decision about their studies.


ØThe colorful state of Rajasthan has a total of 162 B.Tech colleges out of which 74 are located in Jaipur

Ø24 specialization streams are offered to student who aspires to study B.Tech in Jaipur colleges.

ØOut of the 74 B.Tech colleges located in Jaipur,

v70 colleges offer Computer Science stream

v67 colleges offer Electronics & Communication stream

v63 colleges offer Mechanical Engineering stream

v61 colleges offer Electrical Engineering stream

v60 colleges offer Civil Engineering stream

v31 colleges offer Information Technology stream

v14 colleges offer Electrical & Electronics stream

v13 colleges offer Electronics Engineering stream

v10 colleges offer Automobile Engineering stream

v7 colleges offer Chemical Engineering stream

v6 colleges offer Biotechnology stream

v4 colleges offer Agricultural Engineering and Mechatronics streams

v2 colleges offer Aerospace Engineering, Bio Informatics and Food Science streams

ØThe other streams of B.Tech offered by Jaipur B.Tech Colleges are Industrial Engineering, Material Science, Nano Technology, Nuclear Engineering, Petro Chemical Engineering and Robotics.


If you want to go in for any of these streams that are least preferred by the major portion of students, check for the specific colleges that offer the same through your network or during the counseling sessions.


Prudent way to choose a good stream

One can easily infer that Computer Science stream is one of favorite subject of maximum number of students from the above list. The demand for each stream acts as the basic reason for the maximum number of colleges offering the courses. However, a prudent way of approaching the above information will be to think in a different manner altogether. Those streams that are offered by minimal number of colleges may not be preferred by many students and so is not at the top in the above list.


The fact that the demand is not high for a particular stream does not make it inferior by any standards. In fact, these streams are yet to be ventured as a career in a full-fledged manner. This makes them the best choice for students to go in for the same since they can easily become pioneers in the stream. Just because everyone aspires for a course that is hot cake today does not mean you need to choose that too. Go in for the stream you are passionate about even if it is not the preferred choice of many of your counterparts. Remember, other streams that are not as famous as some of the preferred streams are also taught by many colleges just because they have career scope in the concerned professional areas.


Entrance Exams accepted in B.Tech Colleges in Jaipur

Any student aspiring to pursue B.Tech studies in Jaipur colleges need to understand the Entrance Exams acceptable by these colleges and the cut off score to be taken. Entrance Exam and cut off score requirements change from one college to another. In general, the Entrance Exams accepted by Jaipur B.Tech colleges for providing admission to students in the required stream of studies are


vJEE Main

vJEE Main+


While the above two Entrance Exam scores are accepted as the basic criterion for admission in B.Tech courses by many colleges, some private Universities have their own aptitude tests.


Choose the stream you want to join.

Based on the availability of your chosen stream, shortlist colleges you want to join

Ascertain the college status and recognition


Affiliations and Approval status of B.Tech colleges in Jaipur

Ø53 Out of the 74 B.Tech colleges in Jaipur are affiliated to 3 major Universities in the city and Rajasthan

ØAll the 74 B.Tech colleges in Jaipur offer only Full Time Degree course

ØOut of the 74 B.Tech colleges in Jaipur, 60 are approved by AICTE

Ø55 out of the 74 B.Tech colleges in Jaipur are Private colleges.

ØB.Tech course duration differs from one college to the other. Out of the 74 B.Tech colleges

v11 colleges offer 5 years course

v72 colleges offer 4 years course

v5 colleges offer 3 years course


To summarize the above, any student who wants to join B.Tech in Jaipur colleges must ensure that they join in

vColleges that are properly affiliated to Universities

vColleges that are approved by AICTE

vColleges whose degree is recognised


Ascertaining the above before taking the major decision of choosing the college and stream of studies will help every student to safeguard their future and career.


B.Tech colleges in Jaipur offer one of the best technology courses in the country. As much as the city is rich in colors and culture is the city rich in knowledge offerings to the students too. Students must leverage the high levels of efforts taken by the B.Tech colleges in Jaipur to groom them into one of the best professionals for the future. Every bit of their effort is sure to value add to their career in a holistic manner