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Top B.Tech Colleges in Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the best places to study in India. This has remained the case for many decades now due to the many types of organizations and industries that operate in and around Mumbai. Being the Financial capital of India also contributes to this factor. Both the management related courses as well as Technology courses attract student community from all over the world. Many factors attract students from within India and outside India who seek to pursue their higher studies in Mumbai. Let us have a detailed look at these factors that prevail as supporting reasons for studies in Mumbai.


Basic information about B.Tech Colleges in Mumbai

Understanding the basic reasons about why Mumbai is considered as one of the best places to study Technology studies in India are substantiate below. Any student going through the salient points will feel motivated with their decision to join B.Tech in Mumbai colleges


ØMumbai is situated in the Indian state of Maharashtra which has 427 B.Tech colleges

ØOut of these 427 colleges 59 B.Tech colleges are in Mumbai

ØThese 59 B.Tech colleges in Mumbai are affiliated to 6 Universities of high cadre

ØThe main Entrance Exams scores accepted by most of the B.Tech colleges in Mumbai are


vJEE Advanced

ØAll the 59 B.Tech colleges in Mumbai offer Full Time Degree course in Technology

ØNone of these colleges offer Certificate or Diploma Courses in Technology

ØNone out of the 59 B.Tech colleges in Mumbai offer Part Time or Distance Education Technology courses

ØThe curriculum of 47 out of the 59 colleges are approved by AICTE

ØThe full time course offered by all the 59 B.Tech Colleges in Mumbai is for 4 years. 12 out of the 59 colleges offer 3 years course on Technology and 4 out of the 59 B.Tech colleges offer 5 years Technology courses

Ø50 out of the 59 B.Tech colleges are Private Colleges 3 of them are Government Colleges

The cost of studying B.Tech in Mumbai Colleges depends on various factors one among the being the stream chosen by the students


Points to be noted by students who want to study B.Tech in Mumbai colleges

Any student who aspire to study B.Tech in Mumbai Colleges need to ascertain certain parameters directly from the colleges they want to enroll themselves as well as through their reliable network. Some such aspects are

vAffiliation status of College that the student wants to study

vApproval status of the curriculum of the colleges the students shortlist for joining

vThe past track record of the colleges in Campus placement

vThe infrastructural facilities made available to the students in the short listed colleges

vThe validity of the course and the final certification given in prestigious organizations across the globe

vThe quality of communication and knowledge of the Faculty Members appointed in the college


B.Tech Sub streams available in Mumbai B.Tech colleges

B.Tech has around 43 subjects enlisted across the various colleges in India. Mumbai B.Tech colleges offer the following sub streams. We have provided the number of colleges offering the same against every sub stream for the benefit of the students. We believe this list will help them understand the current trends in B.Tech studies. However, we would recommend every student to choose their favorite stream that they passionate about since only that will lead to success. Out of the 59 B.Tech colleges in Mumbai,

Ø50 offer Computer Science stream

Ø47 offer Electronics and Communication stream

Ø39 offer Information Technology stream

Ø34 offer Mechanical Engineering stream

Ø27 offer Electronics stream

Ø21 offer Civil Engineering stream

Ø19 offer Electrical Engineering stream

Ø11 offer Chemical Engineering and Instrumentation streams

Ø10 offer Bio Medical Engineering stream

Ø8 offer Bio Technology stream

Ø6 offer Industrial Engineering stream

Ø4 offer Ocean & Marine Engineering

Ø3 offer Aerospace Engineering, Bioinformatics and Mechatronics streams

Ø2 offer Automobile Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Food Science, Material Science, Polymer Engineering and Textile Engineering streams


Rare courses like Construction Technology, Energy Engineering, Industrial Science, Metallurgical Engineering, Petro Chemical Engineering, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Physics, Printing Technology and Food technology, are offered by 1 out of the 59 B.Tech colleges in Mumbai. These courses are rare and are yet to be ventured in high demand category. This makes them highly sought for since students who graduate out of these courses in flying colors have bright opportunities to become pioneers in the field.


Going through the above list, it is highly evident that B.Tech colleges in Mumbai offer almost 31 sub streams across various fields of Engineering. Such expertise of the B.Tech colleges in Mumbai contributes in a qualitative manner to the society every passing year


Focus of B.Tech Colleges in Mumbai

B.Tech Colleges in Mumbai focus in providing

ØWorld class infrastructure to aspiring B.Tech students

ØHighly knowledgeable Faculty Members

ØFully equipped research facilities

ØLabs that are completely modern with latest infrastructure

ØAccommodation that is absolutely hygienic

ØStudy Material and Curriculum that is highly researched and of world class standard

ØLibrary facilities which are both manual and digital

ØExtracurricular activities to offer required stress relief to students

ØPlacement and Training facilities through strategic industrial collaborations


B.Tech Colleges in Mumbai offer huge opportunity to every aspiring student who comes to Mumbai for pursuing their higher studies in Technology. The immense measures taken by these colleges to groom every student in to a top class professional are commendable. The process oriented approach of B.Tech colleges in Mumbai helps them to be highly systematic in each of their actions. The disciplined manner in which they deliver the curriculum to students who belong to the many streams deserves appreciation. B.Tech colleges in Mumbai believe in mentoring the students in a one to one so that these mentoring sessions add value to their student life in a realistic manner. Study B.Tech in Mumbai colleges and become the most sought for Technology product in the job market


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